Factors to Look Out for While Purchasing Herb Grinder

Technically, you don’t need a grinder to crush your dried herbs. However, it genuinely helps to enhance your smoking experience. Some reasons experienced stoners purchase a top grinder include –

  • Keeps herb fresh
  • Easy to grind herb evenly
  • The convenience of water-proof and odor-free storage
  • Saves time against manual grinding [messy and stinky on the hands] and even rolling process is quick

On, you will come across different grinder types based on materials and chambers. The other things you need to consider while looking for grinders at the online head shop is tooth count, brand, and tight seal.

Factors to look out for while purchasing herb grinder

Tooth count

The small metal pieces, which hang downwards on the grinder’s top section, are called tooth or teeth. They grind the cannabis nugs consistently and evenly without clogging. The standard tooth counts are 50, but even consider the grinder’s size.

Too many teeth in a small diameter can cause clog and less can cause large buds to slip through. Too close or evenly spread out teeth needs to be checked. Consider the tooth shape including the rectangular, square, pyramid, triangular, and round.


When you consider the brand do some research on the company history, user’s feedback, manufacturing location, etc. It will help you choose the best brand offering high quality and durability.


For durability, you need to look for the magnets, chambers, teeth, and screen quality. A faulty magnet can make your herb spill out. Look for teeth sharpness that can chew nugs with ease. The chambers need to be assembled and taken apart with easy twists. Herb gets held in the screen section. It has to be of high quality or it can impact herb freshness.

Number of chambers

The choice of chambers is subjective. Technically, there are 2- or 3-piece grinder models. A 2-piece model, when opened reveals two sections including an upper section for grind and lower section for holding the buds. A 3-piece model has two sections along with an extra bottom one designed to hold the Kief.

The 3-chamber grinders are popular as 4-piece models as when you take them apart, they reveal 4 parts. In the same way, the 2-chamber grinders, when taken apart reveal 3 parts so are referred to as 3-piece.


  • Metal grinders made from aluminum or titanium is lightweight, durable, and safe.
  • Wood grinders are hand-made and uncommon.
  • Acrylic grinders are cheap and break easily.


What is the purpose of a 4-chamber grinder, when your stash does not stay fresh for long? An airtight seal is crucial to keep the odor from dispersing as well as degrading from moisture.

How to use herb grinder?

  • Open the grinder and put your herbs inside it.
  • Cover the cap securely and snugly.
  • Gently twist the cap, so the tooth within the cap starts grinding the herbs.
  • Twist in a single direction for some time and then in the opposite direction.
  • Within 30 to 60 seconds your supplies get grounded unless the herbs are not sense or sticky.
  • Open the grinder and see the powder lying in the holding chamber ready to be rolled or packed.

Every once in a while, clean your grinder to avoid clogs or buildups on the teeth. Give it a warm soapy wash and end it rubbing with alcohol to remove the soapy taste, stickiness, and bacteria.

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