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Chandelier Designs that Reflect Your Unique Personality and Statement Styles

Your home decor is an expression of your style, taste, mood, lifestyle, and emotions. Lighting fixtures of a house greatly impact the overall mood of the home. From statement pieces to chic styles, chandeliers provide a specific theme and ambience to your living space.

If you are planning to redo the ambience of your place to better express you style, start by changing the lighting and transform your space with unique yet perfectly fitting chandeliers. You can browse the collection of chandeliers here on Sofary.com and choose one that reflects your unique personality beautifully.

Unique chandelier designs and their features

If you want to look apart from your friends, and want a home that defines your uniqueness perfectly, these chandelier designs are for you:

  1. Satellite inspired chandeliers
  • Consisting of spherical silhouettes, beach ball sized lighting, and antennae arms this chandelier is a unique fit to your modern and more industrial taste.
  • It is often called Sputnik or starburst chandelier and goes well with minimal decor as unique statement pieces.
  • You can also add them to retro rooms for a more iconic design.
  1. Globe chandeliers
  • These are flexible and versatile fixtures that can be customised to fit all styles and themes.
  • You can add open cages and orbs to the globe chandeliers and elevate their style statement.
  • A simple globe pendant suspended in wooden or iron fixtures gives life to a rustic room.
  • For a more contemporary appeal, you can add metal work and gold finish to your light fixtures.
  • You can easily fit a globe orb lighting in a tight space and large layered globes as a centrepiece for a large room.
  1. Futuristic chandelier designs
  • You can pick a design from a mid-century time and give it a unique futuristic look by adding geometrical angles, clean lines, contrasting materials, and textures.
  • Use futuristic and modern light technology. Use LED over bulbs and give your old chandeliers a modern touch.
  • Use arms and branched out geometrical shapes and make an eye-catching yet sophisticated piece of lighting fixture to go with your modern setup.
  • You call also add them to retro spaces without affecting the theme.
  1. Small chandeliers
  • They are ideal fixtures for lone corners and smaller rooms of your house.
  • You can use mini lights to illuminate specific areas and to create more focused lighting.
  • You can highlight the kitchen islands with tiny suspended light pieces in contrasting colours and textures.
  • You can highlight and light up closed and dark spaces of your home like closets, patios, reading tables, and much more.
  • You can also hang mixed pieces of mini chandeliers over a large dining table to create a more stylish appeal.
  1. Metallic Chandeliers
  • Brass is a statement piece that is evergreen and versatile to suit a variety of themes and styles.
  • You can use metallic discs as a bouquet to create a sculpture that will be admired by everyone.

Whatever your style is, choose the lighting of your home that is more personalized and leaves an impression of your unique taste on your guests.

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