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When Is the Right Time for Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

When it is leaking in your backyard, you may not know what exactly is the reason for that cause. The repair can be expensive, which you could have prevented by proper sewer camera inspection. Thanks to the technology it has become easy to fix the repair without digging your yard.

If you are facing drains backing up in your home, it is time to have a sewer camera inspection. USA Borescopes is one renowned supplier of inspection equipment and you can get the assistance from their experts for diagnosing the issue that you are facing. They provide their customers a wide variety of high-quality sewer cameras.

What is Sewer Line Camera?

Sewer line cameras are small sized fiber optic cameras with powerful LED lights on them that provides illumination inside the pipe. These are attached to a long and flexible metal cable. The technician will operate the camera remotely and as the camera moves forward through the sewer, the cable unwinds from the long cable.

These camera snakes are inserted through the pipeline and to the sewer to inspect the sewer and other areas that are difficult to reach. The cable will be connected to a portable display so that the technician can see what is inside the pipes. During this process, signals are sent to the monitor where the technician will record them.

The camera records all the details including the depth, defects, cracks, misalignment of pipes or any clogging in the pipes. With this it will be easier to diagnose the problem instead of doing the guess work. It is also a cost-effective solution to the customers.

When to Have Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

Here are some symptoms that give you signs of leaking sewer system or major plumbing problems in your home.

Drain Back Up

If your drain system is too slow or backing up and if the condition persists even after you have cleaned them then it is good to get sewer line inspection. This may be due to tree root invasion or soil infiltration or any misalignment of pipes. Trying to clean them using chemicals may erode the pipes. So, let the professionals analyze the problem and fix it.

Gurgling Toilets

If you are hearing a gurgling sound from your toilet after you flush it or at random timings then it is the sign that somewhere there is a problem with your plumbing system. The clog that is formed creates a negative air pressure and affects the airflow. This pushes the air back causing bubbles to rise.

You can fix this problem if the clog is over the surface itself. Otherwise you will need a sewer camera inspection to locate the issue.

Mold Growth

Mold is a fungus and can spread quickly on almost any surface. When there is a mold growth in building, it can damage the whole building. Leakage in water pipes are often the cause for mold growth.

Increase in Water Bill

When there is a sharp increase in your water bill there is a clear indication that there is a pipe leakage. It is a waste for money as well as the water.

Don’t delay in engaging the skilled plumbers to fix any type of plumbing problems as it may only worsen.

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