Contribute to Saving the Environment by Replacing your Existing Toilet and Saving Water

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, then you might want to spare a thought to your toilet also. If your toilet is old, then it might be the right time to replace it.

The Right Time for Toilet Replacement

Now, just because you are renovating does mean that you must replace your toilet. Renovating a home is a serious business. A lot of money is spent on a renovation project. If your toilet is only a few years old or you just had it replaced recently, then you need not spend on replacing one.

If you have a faulty pipe, you can search online with keywords like ‘plumbers Sydney’ and your screen will be flooded with thousands of credible plumbing companies. Sydney has a lot of plumbing companies such as Wilco headquartered at Wetherill Park, NSW. They operate 24/7 and offer services such as drain cleaning, burst pipe repairs, hot water systems and, toilet repair, and installation.

Your toilet is in dire need of repairs when you face issues like:

  • Constant water leaks from flushing or water tank
  • Cracks in the toilet or water tank
  • If your toilet is broken and cannot be repaired
  • Your toilet keeps clogging
  • If you plan on changing the flooring of your bathroom and your toilet does not fit in
  • Your toilet seems to be wobbly or unstable
  • Your toilet stops flushing
  • You are constantly becoming a plumber and repairing your toilet

If your toilet is regularly in need of repairs, then it better to invest in a new one, rather than spending on repairs. The overall cost of repairs can get you a new toilet that too with a modern design.

Leave the installation to the experts. All you need to do is select the right toilet as per your bathroom requirement. Ensure that your toilet seat is a perfect size and fits into your bathroom space. Secondly, the size of your toilet bowl also matters. Rounded bowls are outdated and elongated ones are in. These are not only comfortable to sit on but are also easier to clean and maintain.

Broken Toilets and Water Bills

One of the best ways to know whether to replace your toilet or not is by having a look at your water bills. If your water bill is high, then the culprit might be your toilet.

A faulty or leaking toilet makes use of more water than a normal one. We all know that water is a scarce resource. If we misuse water, there will be nothing left for our future generations.

Secondly, excessive leaking can damage your bathroom floors, leading to excess repairs. A new toilet with water-saving features can cut down drastically on your water bill, thereby saving you money. You are already spending a lot on renovation and you do not want a high water bill to add to your woes.


You can always have a professional have a look at your toilet and suggest the best solutions for the same. A fresh and clean toilet is a healthy toilet.

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