Guide to Pass Learner Permit Knowledge Test

Learner permit test is first step in your licensing journey. Everyone wants to pass, but most people don’t. Through this article, we will try to explain how this test works and how to clear it in your first attempt.

What is Learner Permit Knowledge Test?

The learner permit test is one of the basic milestones in driving journey and you cannot start driving a vehicle unless you pass this test. Once you clear this test, you can start learning how to drive with a driving instructor at your own pace. For most people, it means learning to drive for at least 12 months before taking next test i.e. driving test. At Pass First Go, you can find best learning environment with experienced driving instructors. To book affordable driving lessons Wagga Wagga, visit their website and get all the support that you need in your driving journey.

This test is a theory-based test that consists of 32 questions that needs to be answered within 15-20 minutes. To pass and get a learner permit, you need to answer at least 25 questions (78%) out of 32 questions. As part of this test, you also need to pass an eyesight test that takes around 5 minutes.

What Does Failing Permit Test Mean?

If you didn’t prepare enough for the permit test, you might have wasted your time and money. Apart from the embarrassment, you might have paid around $42.50 in sitting this test that you will not get back. You spent so much time to prepare for this test, travelled to the location of the test and now you will have to do this all over again. Failing to clear this test prevents you from achieving your driving license. Depending on your circumstances, it can have long-term implications on education opportunities, employment and social life.

How to Pass the Learner Permit Test First Time?

Most people fail this test because they do not give this test the attention it deserves. You cannot expect to clear the test first time by sitting in the exam unprepared. There are various online resources available to help you prepare for this test. With these resources, you can easily find different tools to help you clear the permit test the first time. Now, you have all the resources available with you but how do you actually prepare for the test. Here are three things that you need to do to make sure you pass the test –

·       Obtain a ‘Road to Solo Driving’ handbook

This handbook provides practical information about low risk driving, road safety rules, penalties for driving offences, vehicle registration, etc. You should read this book and try out practical questions to test you. This book will improve your general knowledge of the driving and will help you in clearing your test.

·       Practice Test Questions

After completing the book, it’s time to test your knowledge by trying out some last year question papers. You should keep practicing until you consistently pass the tests. You can take these tests as many times as you want until you are confident enough about any question that might appear in your real test.

·       Relax

You should take plenty of sleep and make sure that you eat something beforehand. You don’t want to sabotage yourself by staying up too late and not understanding the questions next morning.


It’s not difficult to pass learner permit tests, if you put your efforts in and follow some simple steps.

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