Learn How to Use Google Ads to Promote Your School

Google advertisements can prove to be a very powerful tool for school. It can help in building brand reputation, generate more inquiries, and increase its visibility in new student markets.

If you have not implemented Google Ads tool yet and are looking to reap its benefits then read this guide. We will show you ways to design an ideal strategy to fulfill the recruitment objectives of your school.

Create the right advertisement content

Create an impressive search ad by displaying the key selling points of the school and making the text as concise, informative, and prominent as it can be made.

You can use Google Ad Extensions that you can use to add extra information or advertise different web pages. These google ad extensions comprise of site link extensions, call extensions, location extensions, offer extensions, and app extensions.

Extensions are free and important in addition to search for advertisements. Ensure that whatever you include in the advertisement has an identifiable objective. Do not put a lot of links, or information as it can prevent users from clicking it.

Aiad is a reputed Google ads management company in Australia. This company has helped a lot of small and large businesses in their expansion. Their highly efficient campaigns that include PPC and Adwords service are designed to make the most out of Google Ads.

Find Applicable Keywords for the school

Find phrases ad words that your prospective students would use at the time of researching on Google. Consider the features and merits of your school. It can be achieving credentials, or a specific type of school, etc.

Use Google Keyword Planner to evaluate the search volume of popular keywords to rank for and discover extra keyword ideas. Use it for a list of suitable keywords to build develops campaigns.

Use Demographic Targeting to Specify Prospective Student Audience

Google offers several targeting options to assist schools to precisely reach prospective student leads. This search engine enables to target audience of a specific age, gender, household income, and parental status with your search ads. Target prospects are chosen in locations.

Consider who should see your ads and what features tie your prospects together. The more precisely you target your audience, the greater probability you will have of reaching superior quality prospects with the advertisements.

Maximize the Visibility of your school using Display Ads

Display ads are different from search ads based on their placement, targeting properties, and the actual advertisement content.

Both these types of ads have their own set of advantages and drawbacks, but one key benefit of display marketing is that it provides users with an ability to set specific, impactful, and precise audience targeting constraints.

Display ads are all-pervading on the web. They are displayed on more than two million websites in just the Google Display Network. These websites comprise ninety percent of the whole internet population.

It generates more than 180 million impressions every month. Due to this outstanding impact of ads, display ads are a wonderful addition to the paid advertising strategy in schools.


Both search ads as well as display ads are helpful in formatting, bidding, and targeting options. Based on the above knowledge, you can create an efficient and powerful advertisement strategy to reap rewarding benefits from it.

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