Dropping Crime Percentage in Memphis is the Key to Success

Memphis city is besides the Mississippi River in Tennessee, US. It is considered to be the second densely populated city of Tennessee and the 26th biggest city in the US. In 2014, it was ranked the eleventh major city in terms of the crime rate. Previously Memphis was considered the second dangerous city in 2001, 2005 as well as 2007. It was also considered the most dangerous city in 2002.

Crime started increasing in Memphis in 2005, which reached its peak by mid-2006.  This could be because the federal funding for Memphis Police Department was reduced, which in turn reduced the total full-time Memphis Police officers. This increased robbery of businesses, individuals, murders in the city. Violent crimes and robbery started to decrease in the chart in 2009.

The city and its people have fought to reduce the crime rate. There were new police officers hired, a new foundation was placed to fight crime and violence. Government and communities too played a significant role to maintain security of the city.

Now in 2019 and 2020 Memphis crime rate has dropped drastically. Crime Commission is a non-profit organization with 50 members that have worked harder to prevent crime and violence in Memphis city. They have applied various practices since 2006, which has helped in the development of the city. They started the Safe Community Strategy in 2017 which is still being implemented. They assess the Safe Community Strategy with the help of the Public Safety Institute to determine its effectiveness.

According to the survey, some say that the crime rate has dropped due to coronavirus. The crime rate has just cut down to half compared to what happened in February. Coronavirus can be one of the reasons because people are staying home and not roaming around streets so chances of robbery are less.

Moreover, schools, colleges, and offices are closed, which also reduces the chances of theft, assault, and violence. However, the drop-in crime rate was observed after 2009 when effective measures were taken by the federal government, so coronavirus can be one of the reasons, but we cannot give entire credit to it.

There were various measurements taken by communities and federal government like –

  • Increasing Memphis police officers after assessing their needs in certain areas.
  • Create safety zones in crime-prone areas to keep gangs and their activities away.
  • Creation of drugs and domestic violence special court.
  • Creation of new communities for more safety.
  • Strict prosecution on gun crime.

The crime rate increases when there is a downfall in the economic condition of a city. Lack of employment and proper education results to increase in crime and violence rate. For example, a major reason for domestic violence is due to suffering from alcohol or drug addiction or stress due to financial losses. Still, safety of any city is a top priority therefore along with government and federal community residents of Memphis are also stepping forward to help reduce crime as well as violence.

The people of Memphis can create a safe environment by introducing rehabilitation, and educational lessons to make people aware of the crime happening in society and the preventive measures to be taken by an individual. Through certain preventive measures taken by society and the government, the Memphis city can be safe for its people.

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