Industrial Light Fixtures – Better Lightings Ideas For Enhanced Safety And Productivity

For any industrial space, the quality of light is the main requirement to function impeccably, regardless of its direction and characteristics. All warehouses, production halls, hangars, and their surrounding areas will require specialized lighting, when compared to other domestic and commercial types.

This is all due to large areas, high ceilings, requirements, etc. Proper lighting is important due to the presence of heavy and large machineries and racking systems in factory premises.

The main task of industrial light fixtures is to ensure uninterrupted / round-the-clock operation, while guaranteeing energy savings, which is the main requirement. This increases the productivity of workers. A better and advanced lighting fixture also ensures safety and avoids any accidental disaster. It provides better view at night to avoid hitting heavy equipment and sharp tools.

Industrial light fixtures are a special type of lighting fixtures with an increased degree of protection against dust and moisture. They have wear-resistant housings that can be used in aggressive environments. They are designed to provide heavy-duty performance in the adverse natural climatic conditions like extreme hot to cold temperatures.

Luminaires for industrial and industrial lighting

Lighting of industrial enterprises has its own specifics and tasks, in many respects different from the lighting of our apartments and houses. If, when buying a lamp for a house, we first of all think about how it will be in harmony with the interior, then they do not expect external beauty from industrial lamps.

Here it is much more important to know whether industrial light fixtures meet the requirements that are imposed on them.

Requirements for industrial and industrial light fixtures:

  • Providing uniform light distribution for a wide range of industrial and storage facilities: Industrial premises are packed with heavy vehicles and machineries that blocks the view. A proper lighting is required to ensure safety of all.
  • Adaptation to work in unstable Russian networks with a large voltage drop: There is tremendous fluctuation in power supply. The lighting fixtures should be adaptable to such changes without getting damaged.
  • Reliable construction with increased mechanical strength and vibration resistance: The ground within the industrial premises undergoes continuous and irregular shocks. The industrial light fixtures are made rigid and vibration-proof to protect its component from such damages.
  • Highly efficient light sources used in lighting fixtures: The industrial fixtures are highly luminous and energy efficient due to heavy-duty power consumption of industries. With the help of sensors, these light fixtures can be turned on and off. These activities help in saving electric energy.
  • Thermal stability (optional): The industrial light fixtures are designed to operate in high temperature zones of industries. They have efficient heat sinks to dissipate heat in the outer space and saves the fixture components.
  • Explosion proof (optional): The choice of right IP rating for industrial fixtures is important to protect lightings from industrial explosions and chemical vapors.

Industrial fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent industrial lighting is probably the most common type of industrial lighting fixture. The light source in the fluorescent luminaire is an annular or linear fluorescent lamp. They are widely used in the lighting of workshops, warehouses and industrial complexes.

Recently, instead of industrial fluorescent lamps, their LED counterparts are becoming increasingly popular. They are more durable, energy efficient and do not require regular maintenance.

Industrial LED luminaires

Industrial LED luminaires are manufactured in special sealed enclosures that provide reliable protection of the light source and power supplies from dust and high humidity.

Compared to luminescent counterparts, LED lamps have the highest resistance to temperature extremes, vibration loads and power surges.

A variety of types of industrial luminaires and types of light sources used in them allows you to choose the optimal model for lighting any industrial facility. The experts will help you choose the best option, both in terms of technical parameters and cost. Buying industrial LED lamps means purchasing a quality product with a guarantee is important.

Finally, remember that it is essential to have industrial luminaires adapted to your field of activity. Not only will this change the work of employees, but it can also affect the quality of the work.

The high power of the used industrial luminaires requires high efficiency from such devices.

It is important that industrial luminaires are both technically and environmentally safe.

Luminaires for production facilities must meet all lighting standards and industry codes. Possess the required brightness and light diffusion. Luminaires for lighting Long service life.

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