Purchase Your New Car at the End of the Year

This Holiday Season, buy yourself something special that you want and need. No, this doesn’t mean a new smartphone or pair of boots. Now is the perfect time to get yourself a new car! While you may be saying “I have way too much to think about to even consider car shopping!” pause for a moment. This is a common mistake, yet still a mistake. You see, there are several reasons to take a break from holiday parties and cooking to purchase that new car you’ve had your eye on all year. These include:

Reason #1 You have the upper hand

Don’t you have the feeling of worrying that you’re being taken advantage of? It’s terrible to feel like someone else has all of the negotiating power and you have none. If you don’t like that dread when you’re car shopping, then the late fall and early winter is the ideal time for you to shop. Experts already recommend that buyers purchase cars on the last day of a financial quarter. Quarter 4 ends at the end of the calendar year. When you buy at the end of the year, you can take advantage of the fact that dealerships often use that period of time to really stretch to reach sales milestones. Dealerships also have specific annual sales goals to meet, meaning sellers are probably more willing to wheel and deal towards the end of the year. In fact, according to an analysis by TrueCar, buyers who purchased a car on New Year’s Eve saved an average of 8.3% off the MSRP. They want you to buy the car just as much as you do!

Reason #2 The dealership wants room

Think of this time of year as spring cleaning for the new car dealership in Wallingford. By the end of the year, dealerships are likely trying to sell off existing inventory to make room for the brand new cars they’d rather have on the lot instead. This means older models are priced to move! You can get the best deal on a new car that is now considered one model year old. Even though it may only have 20 miles on it, they want it off the lot and out of their hands.

Reason #3 There’s probably Holiday Sales to take advantage of

When you combine #1 and #2 together, you’re looking at the perfect situation for saving money! There’s more, though, because dealerships often announce Holiday discounts and lower car prices in November and December. Whether they call it a Winter Sale, an End of the Year Clearance Event, or anything else, what it means is that you’re saving big.

Experts have determined that it’s cheaper to buy a car in the final months of the year due to all of these factors. You’ll save money on car purchases by shopping at this time of the year. Go ahead and set your calendar to visit the dealership soon!

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