How to Successfully Sell Your Music Online (Apple, Spotify, TikTok)?

The music landscape witnesses a drastic change. The competition is growing at a quick pace. Every year, a thousand artists make their debuts in the field. This causes continuous fluctuation of playlists in just a short period. Several platforms help music artists to make money from their musical creations.

In this article, we will tell you trusted ways to advertise and earn income from it.

How to Enhance the Chances of Sale of Music?

To make impressive music, you need to put in the time and make adequate efforts. Not just the creation process, it is needed to put a good amount of effort into its marketing and sale. It will increase your chances to sell your music online and make more listeners.

The key to the creation of a strategy is to engage the fans and use a combination of techniques to sell music online. Once that is done, you should aim at your website and mailing list to improve your revenues.

What Are the Best Areas to Sell Music Online?

Website, online retailers, and streaming services are the key places to sell your music on Amazon. Let us learn about individual places in detail:

  • Your Website

Looking at the rise of streaming, having a website is a great place to place to sell your music on Beatport and other music stores and streaming services. It will make it easier for your fans to find you on the web. When you own a website, your fans can easily buy from your website.

This way you can make money. So, you should focus on developing a professional level website. Work towards uploading the music, maintaining the description, and sponsoring the pages.  Create a dedicated page to upload your music on the website.

  • Online Music Stores

Many music listeners will wish to purchase new music from an online music store that they trust, and that is well-suited to their music library. Online music stores are another great way to make money from your music. Just like a website, they are also a good way to reaches as many listeners as possible. Keep this in mind to get your music on Deezer and other popular music stores.

MusicDigi is a trusted music distributor service that music artists use to get your music on Spotify and iTunes and other major online stores and streaming services. This free service can get your music straight to your fans.

  • Online Streaming Service

Streaming platforms have come up as a popular method to consume music. This service will let you get your music into TikTok, and other popular streaming services via digital retailers such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Just by uploading your music on the streaming sites, your fans will be able to find you as well as your music in their favored way.


Having the right marketing approach is important for a music artist to survive in this field. Using these ways, a music artist can make money that will help him make progress in the music industry.

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