4 Tips for Test Driving Used Cars in Wallingford, CT

Do you prefer to purchase used cars over brand new options? If so, many people agree with you. In fact, most people in America shop for cars this way. This has been true for many years now. Today’s used cars aren’t beat up old junkers. They are dependable, spacious, safe, and good looking.

There are a few downsides of course. After all, you’re buying a car that someone else has driven. Maybe even a few different people have driven it. You want to make sure you are not spending a lot of money on something that isn’t in good condition. This makes the test drive incredibly important. But taking a test drive can be tricky, particularly if you haven’t done it in a while. Most car buyers don’t do much more than a quick test drive. With so many potential issues in a used vehicle, a thorough test drive is necessary.

When shopping for used cars in Wallingford, CT, here’s what you need to know:

#1 Buy your used car from a dealership. You can buy a used car directly from the person who owns it now, but this isn’t recommended. You have protections like a warranty if you go to a dealership. You also have better financing options. A dealership has to maintain a good reputation within the community to stay in business. A random person doesn’t care if you like the car or not once you’ve paid for it!

#2 Schedule an appointment at the dealership. You’ll get better, more focused time at the dealership if you make an appointment ahead of time. Can you walk in and see whichever vehicle you’d like? Yes! However, an appointment means they’re waiting and ready for you. You’ll have one-on-one time with the professional of your choice.

#3 Do your homework. Before your appointment, you will want to make a list of the features you are interested in. For instance, perhaps the cargo room is very important to you so you’ll want to make a note for yourself to check the back with the rear seats both up and down. This way, you won’t find yourself finished with the test drive and realize you forget an aspect that is very important to you. Can passengers easily get in and out of the rear seat? Will your son’s sports equipment actually fit in the cargo area? Is it quiet? Does it pull into traffic easily?

#4 Bring someone else along for the test drive. Don’t show up to your appointment alone! Bringing along a buddy who can be an extra set of eyes and ears. This family member or friend can keep focused on the task at hand, as well as notice things you may not see. They can ask helpful questions you may not have thought of. You’re also more likely to feel comfortable if you’re not alone.

By following these four pieces of advice, you’ll be test driving more confidently!


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