Dog Care: Natural Remedies for Seizures

Seizures are the most commonly found problems in dogs. Besides, seizure is nothing but a neurological condition, where a lot of disturbances occur in the brain’s electrical activity. This disturbance can lead to behavioral changes in dogs.

What causes seizure in dogs?

Some of the common causes for seizure in dogs include consumption of sago palm, mushrooms, dark chocolate, caffeine, ethanol, xylitol, Marijuana, cocaine and Amphetamines. There are also certain medications like Isoniazid, Ibuprofen, and Vilazodone etc, when taken in high doses causes this problem. Seizures may also occur sometimes due to unknown reasons. Some of the health problems like brain cancer, kidney disease, and strokes, anemia and head injury also cause seizure.

Seizure Types

Dog seizures are classified into 3 categories and they are focal seizures, partial seizures and generalized seizures.

What are the symptoms of seizure?

Some of the common symptoms of this problem include drooling, stiffening, jerking, chomping, and foaming at mouth or tongue chewing and muscle twitching. Your dogs may also look confused due to seizure. Your dog may also become temporarily blind due to seizures. In fact, your dog may bump into things while walking due to this problem.

Natural Remedies for Seizures

  • Dietary Changes: Making dietary changes is extremely important to keep your dogs healthy. There are certain foods which can trigger seizure in dogs like onions, grapes, bell peppers and garlic. Make sure that you choose the dog food which is completely free of toxic ingredients.
  • CBD Oil: Give some CBD oil or treats to your dogs if they are suffering with this condition. Researchers say that CBD is very effective in treating seizure in dogs. This is why you can choose CBD products for your dogs without giving a second thought. No doubt, CBD can provide a great relief from seizure symptoms.
  • Ice Packs: Overheat can also seizures in dogs. Hence, it would be better to apply icepacks on the back of your dogs gently to reduce the severity of your problem.
  • Honey: If your dog is suffering with seizures then you must definitely give a teaspoon of honey to your dogs at least once a day. You can also give honey to dogs to prevent seizures.
  • Acupressure: Acupressure can also provide a great relief to your dogs suffering with seizures.

If you are searching for CBD gummies for pets then do check the online stores. There are some good brands which are offering different types of CBD dog products at a very affordable price. However, finding such brands is not as easy as you think. In fact, you should check the customer reviews of different brands online to get an idea about the quality of their products. You could also take some suggestions from the veterinarians as well on this. Check the Just CBD brand if you are looking for best CBD dog products. Also, visit their website to find out how much is a bottle of CBD gummies?

If you feel that the problem still persists even after doing so many things then you should take your dog to a good veterinarian without wasting your time. Otherwise, this can put your dog’s life in danger.



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