Avoid These Mistakes When Gifting The New Mums!

For any new mum, bringing the newborn home from the hospital is an extremely exciting time. At the same time, it is exhausting and challenging. As they have given birth to the new human being, their body undergoes many changes, which impact their mental and physical health greatly. They need enough pampering to get into the parenthood and lead a happy life. Most of the people bring gifts for the newborn but often forget about the new mums.

When compared to a baby, new mums need extra care and affection. Visitors can present the useful new mum gifts to make them feel special. While plenty of gifts are accessible on the ground, people often end up with certain things. If you are buying the gifts for a new mum for the first time, then ensure you avoid doing these mistakes.

  • Never give gift cards

Keep in mind that only a few mothers regain their figure after the pregnancy and as soon as they get the home. So, gift cards are still considered a bad idea to gift for the new mums. This gift either reminds them that they need to upgrade their wardrobe or puts them into a situation where they see many wonderful clothes but they cannot fit into. As long as you wish to treat the new mums, you can purchase the accessories such as shoes, jewelry, and bags. Gifting these items will make them feel special and good. However, never give the gift cards to them and let them feel bad about their appearance.

  • No noisy toys

If you are one among them who decided to give the new mum a noisy toy, then you are not yet to be a parent. Newborns are already noisy enough on their own so that most of the mums will agree that they never require any external encouragement. Even though toys that make the specific sound are great for attracting the little one’s attention, emitting too much sound always stays on the shelf. Keep in mind that little ones love various textures and sound. This is why you should avoid investing in the toys with these features. Most importantly, it does not help the new mum in any way.

  • Avoid newborn clothes

Although clothes are not a bad idea for the new mum, it is bad if you purchase the cloth in newborn sizes. As the newborn is growing, it becomes extremely hard to wear the dress your purchase after one or two times. It is always better to purchase a cloth that is one or two sizes larger than newborns. It helps the mums to use that dress for a long time. When buying the clothes, you should consider the season to ensure the comfort of the infant.

Must buy new mum gifts

Many people do not know what to gift the new mums. Here are the must-purchase new mum gifts.

  • Postnatal doula
  • Nursing items
  • Pajamas
  • body oil
  • Stretch mark cream
  • Postpartum belt
  • Swaddle

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