What Are The Best Ways To Send Out The Survey

After creating a well-researched survey, it is important to find the right strategy to send out your survey. Some of the important ways to send out the survey are through an email, a website, a link through social media pages, and more. In this article, we will look at the different ways to send out the survey.

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With the help of a survey collector

A “collector” is a term to describe the method to gather survey responses. It can be various things:

  • Survey deployment mechanism,
  • A response gatherer,
  • Any method to get responses,
  • A survey submission accumulator,

Ways to gather responses from a survey

Let us look at the different ways to send surveys.


You need to develop a customized URL for the survey, then obtain responses by sending the link via email through an email client, or post the link on the website.


You can create email lists as well as customized email invitations, and send surveys using email. You will be able to track what number of respondents have taken the market research survey and send such reminders to those who have not responded.


Embed the market research survey on the website, or show it in a popup window at the time visitors come to your site.

Social media

Social media is also a good place to send out your survey. You can publicly tweet the survey link to the Twitter account. If you have a Facebook account then you can also post the survey on your wall or/and your friends’ walls.

Purchase a Targeted Audience

You can even buy access to the audience who fulfill specific demographic criteria for the survey. It is a good method to obtain targeted responses via a specific group.

Recruit a Market Research firm

Market research agencies have a background in statistical analysis that helps randomly choose people from a crafted population that suits the needs of the clients and reach out to them. This makes sure that the panel chosen for the survey is representative.

Agencies will make use of several methods to gather survey responses at a scale. It will manage the selection process as well as eliminate bogus responses when the survey gets concluded.

Important tips to collect responses

There are a few tips that will help you gather responses from the survey.

Form an automatic website link

On designing the survey, obtain a link right from the “Edit Survey webpage” post it on the website.

Track survey responses

Email Invitation Collector provides provide automatic tracking feature that people can use to message people that haven’t responded to the survey.

Use response validation

Ensure respondents submit answers in the proper format.

Segment your respondents

Write one survey that works for a varying set of people. Use distinctive survey links to send it to various channels, and geographical locations.


New distribution methods in market survey step up to replace “legacy” methods due to technological changes and consumer behaviour.

Both these methods enable quick and improved outcomes, and more opportunities to reach the target audience. Currently, a lot of market research professionals take advantage of the methods and distribute market surveys like a professional.

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