Few Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid While You File Insurance Claim For Your Car

Often you must have heard people complaining about rejection of their car insurance claim or not getting sufficient compensation. Usually, this is mostly due to lack of knowledge about various procedures and steps that are necessary for making an insurance claim.

If we read various reviews and information that you can find from the websites of Truly Insurance, where various insurance experts will offer their comments and suggestions. The following are a few common mistakes that most people often commit that must be avoided.

  1. Not informing police

Often people forget to call any police immediately after an accident took place. Police witness is very important as it will be a valid document in favor of you. The police report will always be unbiased and factual in such cases.

  1. Not informing your insurance company

Besides informing the police, it is also vital that you must report the accident to your insurance provider. Most insurance companies have 24 X 7 helpline numbers to take your calls. You will increase the chance of rejection by failing to call the insurance provider.

  1. Often people file a claim that is not necessary

Certain insurance claims are too minor and it is not worth taking the trouble of making any claim at all. If the repair cost of your car is too low then most probably it will be rejected.

  1. Often people fail to submit a picture

Picture of the site immediately after an accident can be solid proof and will strengthen your case and it will be very difficult to prove that the picture was wrong by the insurance provider.

  1. Running away from the accident site

If you run away from the accident site then you will fail to collect any evidence that is needed to prove the accident. Rather you must collect addresses of a few passers-by who were eye witness to the accident.

  1. Not collecting proper evidence

It is necessary to document everything possible about the accidents by collecting physical evidence, photographs, police report, the exact time., location, and any other relevant details to justify your claim.

  1. Replying ‘ I am fine!’

Often your simple statements like ‘I am fine!’ can put you in trouble. The insurance company will use that statement to justify that you were not hurt at all but all your claims of injury are false.

  1. Lying the sequence of events

Often people try to lie about the incident either to prove that he was not at fault or think that by lying they can make their case strong, but it can be counterproductive.

  1. Offering extra information

Often offering too much information can also be counterproductive for you, as extra unnecessary information sometimes may go against you too.

  1. Panicking

After an accident, it is quite natural that one may be under stress. However, one has to keep cool and composed and avoid panicking.

It is also important to update yourself about the various rules for making an insurance claim. You may also take the support of any insurance lawyer.

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